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When you’re not enjoying your holiday home, why not make it work for you?

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Our buy-to-let model

Managed by the experts, your investment is in good hands. We have teamed up with Luxury Coastal, who strive to deliver the best service to property owners; putting them, and their guests at the heart of all decisions. They are passionate about what they do and are committed to delivering exceptional results, for you and your guests. They take care of everything from bookings to greetings. All that’s left is for you to provide the lodge and relax ready for an income.

The Luxury Coastal Promise

Luxury Coastal was established with the vision of creating a local, independent holiday letting agency that would offer a breath of fresh air in the current market. Core values underpin everything, meaning they always do the right thing. Treating guests, owners, partners, suppliers and each other fairly and with respect. This unique approach makes Luxury Coastal stand out from the crowd, and are proud to be different. They strive to be “famous for fairness” and know that your time away is precious, that’s why you’re at the heart of everything they do.

Why Luxury Coastal?

Luxury Coastal was created by a small team who had been working together in the UK self-catering industry for many years. They decided to create something new and exciting that would bring together our passion and expertise for providing unforgettable holidays.

The accessible nature of the properties at Higher Charaton enhances the already strong credentials that a lodge with a hot tub offers in the Cornish marketplace. Further enhancing this by allowing pets will only help increase the already high demand we would expect for the lodges. Luxury Coastal’s expectation is that after agency fees a two-bedroom lodge with hot tub will achieve a projected owner income of £15,638 per annum with a yield of just over 6% on the purchase price.

The fabulous facilities at Springfield Retreat, supported by the beautiful homes and expert design means Luxury Coastal’s expectation is that after fees, a two-bedroom lodge with a hot tub will achieve a projected annual ROI of 10% on the purchase price. So, with lodges starting at £129,000 you could start earning around £12,900 per annum! 

Owning a holiday let can be very advantageous. Not only does it provide enjoyable holidays for your family and friends, it also provides a potentially lucrative additional income. Read all about the many advantages of using your lodge as a Furnished Holiday Let below where explain what this means for you when it comes to tax. 

Download Furnished Holiday Let document here.  

Furnished Holiday Let

Furnished Holiday Let

By Pure Definition

A Furnished Holiday Let, also known as a FHL, is a certain type of rental property classification in the UK and Ireland (and other European countries). This classification provides certain tax advantages to holiday let owners. There are specific requirements a property needs to meet in order to be classed as a FHL, such as its availability, actual bookings and level of furnishings.

Owning a holiday let can be very advantageous. Not only does it provide enjoyable holidays for your family and friends, it also provides a potentially lucrative additional income. In this post, we explore the many advantages of becoming a Furnished Holiday Let (FHL) and explain what this means for you when it comes to tax.

What are the advantages of a Furnished Holiday Let?

Holiday Let Tax Deductible Expenses

Capital allowances can be claimed on your FHL property. This means the cost of kitting out your cottage to a luxury standard (and in return, increasing your potential rental income) can be deducted from your pre-tax profits. This isn’t an option available for long-term rental properties.


Why Us?

We do things differently here, all our parks are independently owned and run so there’s no large overheads, we aren’t part of any big, fancy co-corporate chain. 

Paladin was set up initially, to help land owners release the potential of their assets however with great growth and success we have strengthened our portfolio and in turn, our services. The beauty of our model is that it’s truly all about collaboration. We can ensure access to resources that perhaps weren’t there before, advice from the experts and support at every step. 

Together we are stronger, together we can enjoy more & worry less! 

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